Sealac launches full range of products

Sealac launches full range of products

Sealac Limited, the Kiltimagh based seaweed production company, launches a range of products for animal health and wellbeing to the Irish market.

Speaking at the Sealac launch in Galway today, Mairead McGuinness MEP & Vice President of the European Parliament said innovation is the key to a sustainable agriculture and the work of Sealac is part of that process.

“The company is to be commended for the ingenuity, innovation and risk taking in their focus on finding solutions to reduce antibiotic use in livestock production”.

“At EU level there is a strong focus on ensuring that antibiotics are used appropriately, with a view to reducing the level of antibiotic use in farmer animals”.

“Antimicrobial resistance is a key issue for human health. Antibiotics are essential to treat sick animals. They are also essential in treating patients and there is global concern about the rise in resistance to antibiotics and the small number of antibiotics that are available for human health”.

“This is why the use of certain antibiotics is now completely banned in livestock production, in order to ensure that they can continue to be effective to treat patients”.
“Sealac is providing a natural solution for farmers to aid animal health. It produced from raw materials harvested and processed locally in the North West. The business is contributing to the creation of jobs, enterprise and local development, which is important from a social and economic point of view.”

Natural seaweed provides over 60 minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids and is used for food, health and wellbeing in humans, animals, and for growth in plants, along with specific applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Driven by the need to reduce the use of antibiotics in intensive pig production, on the international farms of the Costello group, Martin and Mhairi Dempsey introduced seaweed as a supplement to help with the transition to produce ‘antibiotic free pork’.

The Dempsey family is using seaweed formulations as supplements for other farm animals, especially for young calves, lambs, pigs and foals, to boost gut health.

Sealac products contain a range of vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements, and encourages immunity from birth.

With a focus on quality, Sealac invested in a bespoke unit with an innovative drying process that produces the highest quality raw material, combined with ‘state of the art’ milling equipment to convert to the best quality product formulation.

Seaweed is harvested on the North West Coast, producing the highest quality pure organic seaweed, in powder and flake formulations, and from field experience and farmer feedback have brought the following products to market.

Good Gut Health for Calves, to help stimulate good gut bacteria and supply balanced vitamins and minerals, ideal supplement to be added to milk replacer.

Electrolyte Plus for Calf Lamb and Foal. Rehydration treatment following intestinal upsets.

Electrolyte Plus for Pigs, supplementary for newly born piglets for energy and nutrition.

SEALAC 60 for Horse and Pony, Natural seaweed supplement for overall health and appearance.

Follow on Flake for Cattle and Sheep, supplement to keep balanced vitamins and minerals

According to Martin Dempsey, founder ‘We have invested heavily in this project as a farm family, because we see the results of the products in healthy animals – everyday, and we are convinced anyone that uses the products will see the same. It’s in the farmer’s nature to care for their animals, and they want to give them the best start, especially in the first few weeks, and that’s what we get from our products consistently’.

Sealac’s products are available online at and in many farming outlets nationwide.

For more information contact: Martin Dempsey on 087 2705021 or Jennifer Dempsey on 087 6233557