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Sealac was established in 2016 and is based in Kiltimagh, in the county of Mayo, Ireland. The company specialises in the collection and manufacturing of Ascophyllum nodosum for animal and plant nutrition.

Ascophyllum Nodosum occurs between the low and mid-inter tidal zone of the North Atlantic Ocean. The west coast of Ireland is rich in rocky sheltered areas which presents a pure and abundant source of brown seaweed.

animal and plant nutrition.

Our quality process



Sealac harvests Ascophyllum nodosum in a sustainable way in the clean sea waters along the West coast of Ireland.

This species is traditionally hand-harvested by local cutters at low tide. Harvesters are using careful rotation and selection of the cutting areas to allow sustainable management of the seaweed stocks and a regeneration of the resource.

As regards foreshore sustainability, Sealac has developed an exclusive application to map and manage the harvest areas.



After fresh raw material has been received and inspected, it is washed to remove any sand and impurities. Cleaned seaweed is then conveyed into the factory to be dried and milled. Drying at a low temperature retains all the nutrients and vitamins, which results in lower feeding rates.  

Sealac has developed a unique process, drying seaweed at low temperature using air, saving all the nutritional values, green coloration and typical seaweed odour. After water evaporation, we obtain a moisture content of 10-12%.



Sealac complies with Irish and European Union regulations for the traceability and hygiene control at the different stages of the production process for each business sectors. Our raw material supply is completely traceable and each seaweed batch is associated to a geographic area. Sealac is Licensed by the Irish Department of Agriculture as a feed manufacturer and certify:
  • Organic, By Irish Organic Association (IOA) for agriculture and feed nutrition.

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+353 (0) 83 446 9749


Enterprise House, Aiden Street
F12 AP71 Kiltimagh - IRELAND

+353 (0) 83 446 9749


Enterprise House, Aiden Street
F12 AP71 Kiltimagh - IRELAND

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