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Our seaweed supplement contains over 60 minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids which stimulate gut health and well-being in young animals.

100% pure organic seaweed
– Stimulates appetite
– Improves energy levels
– A rich source of minerals, vitamins, amino acids & trace elements

Sealac developed Good Gut Health for calves, from 100% organic seaweed powder, to be added to milk replacer. The product rich is in vitamins and minerals stimulates appetite, improves energy, and gets calves off to a healthy start.

"Some of the calves weaned themselves off milk by 8-9 weeks."

Irvine Allen, Beef Farmer, Moate Co. Westmeath

Our Products for Calves

Special Supplements for Calves

The ideal time to wean calves is after nine months, but when the babies are put on milk replacers, it is crucial that farmers be careful about what they put in the feeding bag. While milk replacers keep the calves healthy, sometimes farmers need a little extra, especially when it comes to colostrum management and mycotoxin binding management.

Good Gut Health is an eco-friendly animal nutrition supplement that supports health of new born calves and reduces the need for anti-biotics. We deliver all across Ireland.

+353 (0) 83 446 9749

Enterprise House, Aiden Street
F12 AP71 Kiltimagh - IRELAND

+353 (0) 83 446 9749

Enterprise House, Aiden Street
F12 AP71 Kiltimagh - IRELAND

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