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Seaweed is a natural resource with over sixty minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements which can be fed directly to animals or mixed with animal feed. Sealac use the seaweed Ascoplyllum Nodosum, which has been used for years to support the health and well-being of animals..

Sealac launches full range of products

Sealac Limited, the Kiltimagh based seaweed production company, launches a range of products for animal health and wellbeing to the Irish market. Speaking at the Sealac launch in Galway today, Mairead McGuinness MEP & Vice President of the European Parliament said innovation is the key to a sustainable agriculture and the work of Sealac is part of that process. "The company is to be commended for the ingenuity, innovation and risk taking in their focus on finding solutions to…
Sealac launches full range of products